Indoor Air Quality Can Be Improved, Reducing Allergies

Reno Nevada indoor air quality, humidifier, UV light, HEPA whole house air filter, dehumidifierDo you suspect that the quality of the air in your home is negatively impacting the health of your family? According to the EPA air inside your home in Reno is up to five times more polluted than outside air. You may just now becoming aware of indoor air pollution issues. If your families experiencing allergies or other respiratory problems this will be a good time to consider installing equipment to clean the air in your home. The key areas your HVAC consultant can help with are:

Air Purification: Removing Odors and Chemical Contaminants From the Air

Consider installing an air purifier that doesn’t just filter the air but removes airborne pathogens such as:

  • Bacteria
  • Viruses and
  • Mold.

A whole house air purifier is attached to your furnace or air handler and can clean the air several times per hour.

Air Filter: Whole House HEPA Filtration

Silverstate can provide convenient and affordable solutions to air filtration in your home. We have a solution that will fit every budget and answer every concern. From MERV 10 to MERV 15 rated air filters are available. Who doesn’t want to provide provide their family with clean air? The question is can you get an affordable solution to your problems? The answer is a resounding yes! Call today and we will put together a custom solution that fits your needs and budget while keeping your family comfortable and safe.

Humidification: Eliminate Dry Skin and Cracked Woodwork

Having the proper level of humidification in your home can keep your family more comfortable during this winter in Reno, NV. Portable models are a good solution if you want to put them in a particular frame but they are very inconvenient. A whole house humidifier might be the best solution. They are convenient, easy to run and provide many benefits including lowering your heating bills.

We install and repair many brands of humidifiers including Aprilair, Honeywell and more.

This type of system is convenient and effective. It attaches to your central heating system and injects moisture into the heated air from the furnace. Water vapor is distributed throughout your home so that humidity levels are kept a that comfortable and healthy level.

Portable humidifiers can only affect a small area but units that work with your HVAC system keep humidity levels consistent throughout the home.The benefits to your family include reduced snoring, reduction in sinus problems, prevents dry skin and chapped lips, reduces shrinkage and cracking it in wooden floors, trim and furniture. Lowers the frequency of static electrical shock.