Heat Pumps

Are you considering a new construction project or renovation of the current structure to improve energy efficiency? There many new mandates that you must meet and the experts from Silverstate can help you meet those mandates. Call today for a free estimate for installation replacement of heating and cooling equipment including the installation and repair of heat pumps. He pumps are growing in popularity in the Reno area and you should consider one.

Silverstate’s professionals are familiar with the Building Performance Institute, Inc.’s (BPI) “Technical Standards for the Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Professional”. You can rest assured that we employ standards and practices that will comply with the quality criteria are that must be met by HVAC contractors when installing cooling systems in new and existing homes in Reno.

Safety First

Working on your heating and cooling system is not your typical do-it-yourself job. Anyone servicing HVAC equipment should shut off the electricity to all equipment. Remember there are two major components to a heat pump:

  1. The condensing unit and
  2. The air handler unit

Shut them off the main breaker panel as well as use the local disconnect switches.

The team it Silverstate complies with the EPA standards at all times regarding the charging, recovery, reclamation, storage and transportation of refrigerant. We believe that it’s important to do the job right and take care of our environment that same time!