If you own the any expensive piece of equipment then you probably learned “the hard way” that a good preventive maintenance program will allow a piece of equipment to last longer and consume less in utilities or fuel. Your heating and air-conditioning system is no different. Expensive equipment like this should be checked on a regular basis. A well-trained technician is not there to take advantage of the situation. At least not when you’re dealing with an A+ rated contractor like Silverstate. We can’t speak for the rest.

Scheduling Preventative Maintenance (PM)

Early spring is the best time to schedule preventive maintenance on air-conditioning equipment. In the Reno area, Silverstate will often offer a low-cost system checkup. Look for details on this website. Because we perform this maintenance during our slow time, we are able to offer reduced labor rates.

Before winter arrives, you should have our team check out your furnace and heat pump to make sure they’re ready for the coming heating season. Early fall is the best time to schedule this maintenance. Scheduling a PM is something every homeowner and property manager should do before the start up of the equipment in order to find problems before they cause major breakdowns.

Residential Preseason Tune-up Specials

All residential heating and cooling systems need to be cleaned on a regular basis. By removing all the dirt from areas like the cooling fans on the compressor unit, components will not have to work so hard to heat and cool your home. Once or twice a year your drain pan should be checked to make sure that algae or other debris have not plugged the drainhole. Dirt accumulates on the blower fan and motor and should be cleaned, removing the dirt and grime that accumulates there.

All electrical connections, boxes, contacts breakers and other components should be thoroughly inspected and cleaned before each season startup. It takes a trained eye to recognize when these should be replaced. Cutting corners here can cost you far more money and time should a breakdown occur.

Preventative Maintenance Agreements

Take the worry out of scheduling maintenance for your heating and cooling system. A preventive maintenance agreement will also lock you in on lower prices for both labor and parts. Should your heating and cooling system experience a breakdown, even on the hottest days of the year or coldest nights of the winter, you will be put at the top of the line as a preferred customer. Of course the whole purpose of preventive maintenance is the lesson the occurrence of major breakdowns.

Commercial Preventative Maintenance

Does your business have multiple locations throughout the Reno Nevada area? You’ll be pleased to know that we can service all your heating and cooling needs at all of those locations. Call today and we will prepare a customized preventive maintenance plan to keep your clients and employees comfortable year round. We take care of the scheduling and you enjoy the comfort.